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Simplifyingthe process ofbeing investor-ready.

Afissio provides efficient customized legal document generation services and expert guidance to founders, startups, and early-stage companies raising money, all for one flat rate.

As a founder, your time and your money are precious. With Afissio, you don’t have to choose between the two. Our range of services provide what you need to be investor-ready for fundraising at an affordable cost.

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When it comes to taking care of the legal and compliance aspects of your private capital raise, you generally have two choices: Law Firms or DIY Solutions.

Law firms typically bill at high hourly rates to customize legal documents and give you only the advice you pay for. If you’ve got questions, they’ve got answers (at their hourly rate, of course). Who’s got the money?

DIY solutions offer cheap subscriptions for access to document templates, chatrooms, and forums, but you’re on your own to figure it all out. (Unless you want to pay an attorney to do that.) Who’s got the time?

Afissio blends the guidance of a business coach, the ease of streamlined legal document preparation, and the legal advice of a corporate and securities attorney together for one flat fee.

Corporate Formation & Governance

Are you getting conflicting messages about where to incorporate or which type of legal entity to form? Afissio helps you make these decisions as well as properly document all of the internal corporate actions to set the stage for investor due diligence.

Raising Private Capital

There are so many factors to consider when fundraising, like how to structure your raise and which legal vehicle to use. Afissio clarifies the options for you, making it easier for you to find a clear path forward. Envisioning your cap table and creating an early fundraising strategy are an important part of this process.

Selection of Jurisdiction

Corporate Authorizations & Governance

Pre-fundraising Planning & Ownership Structures

Term Sheets & Investment Agreements (SAFEs, Convertible Notes, PPMs, etc)

Fundraising Guidance & Securities Compliance

Corporate Conversions & Cleanups

Trademark & Copyright Applications & Filings

Type of Corporate Entity & Formation

Cap Table (Equity) Updates, Modeling & Management

Equity Incentive Plans & Key Stakeholder Agreements

Preferred Share Sales/Series A Offerings

SPV Formation & Administration

Digital Assets, including Digital Securities & Token Sales

Data Room Curation & Maintenance

Secure Doc Storage & E-Signatures

Modules as a Solution

Afissio bundles customized legal and corporate documents with expert guidance into "modules" that tackle each type of private fundraising round in your company’s growth cycle. These modules are available separately at flat rates with no subscription required. Cap table setup, secure doc storage, and e-signatures are built into the rates. Education is offered throughout the process so you are informed and can make strategically sound decisions.

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Video Resources

Introduction to Afissio

A quick overview of our modular approach to legal & compliance for startups and venture funds.

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What they are saying about us

“The Afissio team has helped us with multiple rounds of fundraising, including extensive cap table modeling. They also helped us with plenty of commercial agreements and structuring various strategic relationships - we will not do a deal with out them.”

Michael P. – Founder
Enterprise Software Developer

“Our organization had some big ideas for multi-dimensional market expansion going into the year.  Afissio played a key role among the professionals we consulted to develop our plan, which included new corporate entities in multiple states with a variety of equity structures.  Afissio’s co-founders were patient and flexible through the process, helping us consider many options and alternatives.  They designed a legal and compliance strategy that aligned with our goals.”

Travis C. - Co-Founder
Digital Executive Coaching Platform

“We had been considering a crypto fund for some time but it wasn’t until we began working with Afissio that the idea really started to take shape.  They gave us all of the information to make the right decision about how to structure the offering, especially what not to do.  We have found Afissio to be a valuable partner as we confidently move into a new and dynamic space.”

Jason T. - General Partner
Crypto Venture Fund

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Friends & Family
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