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Afissio is derived from the word
a person who is an expert in and enthusiastic about an activity or subject.

We are aficionados in:

Our team knows the challenges that come with being a founder, we've all been there. We pride ourselves in our ability to be in the trenches with founders. We do this by taking a multidisciplinary approach to help you reach your goals, including raising private capital.

As previous and current technology founders and startup advisors, we have deep experience building and launching tech products and services. We are passionate about helping founders get the right product to market, with a focus on cost-efficiency, product-market fit, and scale.

We understand that for you to be successful, you must develop and execute strategies across your organization, including in the areas of strategic partnerships and IP licensing. We help you vet and close any opportunities that will improve your chances of success.

We offer the following services customized in combinations that meet your needs.

01 Innovation & Strategy

We are passionate about helping you level up your innovation and strategy, whether it be internal practices that lead to better products and services, team alignment  or removing obstacles to growth.

Some of our specialties are:
● helping you create internal innovation practices
● improving creative decision-making and supporting team alignment
● facilitating complex problem-solving to eliminate obstacles to innovation

02 Fundraising Support & Strategic Partnerships

When it comes to fundraising and building strategic partnerships, we provide a two-pronged advisory service which includes both business and legal support.

Some of our specialties are:
● fundraising advice & strategy
● fundraising campaign implementation
● identifying & vetting strategic partnerships

03 Product & Service Development

With our strong design thinking and customer oriented approach, we help early stage and large technology companies create more delightful products and services.

Some of our specialities are:
● developing new products & services, plus enhancing existing offerings
● product-market fit analysis & strategy
● identifying IP licensing opportunities


Hear from some of our clients...

We work hand in hand with them every step of the way.

"Afissio transformed the foundation of our business, sculpting a tailored organizational framework that propelled our growth and success."

Dustin Rigler
Managing Partner, Metavasi Partners

"As the founder of OpenPark, I can confidently attest to the invaluable support provided by Afissio. Their extensive knowledge of niche startup issues proved instrumental in ensuring our venture's success, and their fair pricing model demonstrated a genuine commitment to our growth."

Jared Zabel
Founder, OpenPark


Our Team

Our team is made up of past and current founders, as well as legal, financial, tax, and business advisors.

Jerry Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
Founder & CEO, Afissio

Brianna Gonzalez
Afissio Advisor & JD|MBA|Principal at Keiretsu Law, Founder|CEO at Brains & Gains

James Soldavini
Afisio Advisor & CPA|Partner, MJS, PA

Dawn Newton
Afissio Advisor & Tech Entrepreneur|Co-founder Netki

Jean-Que Dar
Afissio Advisor & Tech Entrepreneur|Founder, Artiste Pro Media

Tyler Heymann
Afissio Advisor & Fractional CFO|Founder Prism Financial Concepts

Pricing & Engagement

How it Works

The first step to working together is a free intro call where we get to intimately know your pain points and support needs.

After our intro call, we provide a tailored service proposal based on your unique needs - no two companies are the same.

We want to make sure that we have enough dedicated time to make an impact on your goals, so our minimum engagement period is 12 hours per month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Afissio
What makes Afissio unique in enabling creativity and innovation?

Afissio's approach is centered around building systems and processes that create an environment conducive to creativity and innovation. We believe in fostering a culture that encourages and supports the innovative spirit within tech companies. Most of our advisors are or have been entrepreneurs themselves and have developed creative solutions to many problems.

How does Afissio support fundraising for tech companies?

Afissio provides comprehensive support for tech companies looking to secure private funding. This includes strategy development, structuring an offering, prospecting, pitching, negotiating terms, and guidance throughout the fundraising process all the way to close.

Product & Service Creation
Can Afissio assist in developing and bringing new products and services to market?

Yes, Afissio specializes in supporting the development and launch of new products and services. Our expertise covers the entire lifecycle from conceptualization to market introduction and scaling.

Types of Clients
Is Afissio only for high-growth tech companies, or do you work with other industries?

While our primary focus is on high-growth tech companies, Afissio is open to serving companies from various industries that share a commitment to innovation, growth, and overcoming challenges. For instance, we have successfully assisted past clients in the areas of CPG and real estate.

Getting Started
How can companies get started with Afissio's services?

Getting started with Afissio is easy. Simply reach out to us through our contact form below, and our team will schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs and explore how our services can benefit your company. Our exploratory calls are always free.

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