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How can Afissio help me?

Afissio bundles customized legal documents and guidance according to your fundraising events. Beyond that, we provide all the non-legal mechanics—you know, stuff that shouldn’t cost over $750 an hour. Sure, we put on our legal hats if you need us to, but our main focus is to educate and guide you through the entire fundraising process for a fixed fee.

Afissio provides efficient document generation, legal advice, and coaching using tech-based modules for founders, startups, and early-stage companies raising money for one flat rate. What’s more, we make sure you understand the backbone of every business with multiple owners: the capitalization table.

During the formation of an SPV, promoters need quick access to investor-facing documents that are legally sound and compliant. We’ve got them. Afissio also provides administration services for the SPV over time, from amending the cap table to filing annual reports and tax returns.

Afissio Law provides outside general counsel (legal) services when you need them. Need a software agreement drafted? An insurance agreement looked at? Advice on structuring a strategic partnership? We’ve got you covered, and we can usually price each agreement for one flat fee.

Our Family of Services

Afissio is technology plus expertise, giving founders what they need, when they need it, at reasonable and predictable prices.

We have you covered

For many startup founders, the legal agreements and compliance necessary for fundraising are cumbersome, confusing and prone to mistakes, which can lead to costly cleanups and delayed funding.  In addition, founders often don’t understand how cap tables work and don’t have a long-term strategy for selling debt or equity.

You've got this.

Let Afissio guide you through the complexities of the corporate and fundraising landscape. Keep legal and compliance problems to a minimum. Set the stage for a smooth review of your corporate and fundraising activity. Be confident in the face of investor scrutiny.

Meet Our Team

Jerry Stephen Smith
CO-Founder & CEO
Heidi Abdul
CO-Founder & COO
Jean-Que Dar
afissio ADVISOR &
Tech Entrepreneur/Founder
Artiste Pro Media
Tyler Heyman
Afissio Advisor & Fractional CFO/Founder Prism Financial Concepts
James Soldavini
Afissio Advisor & Corporate & Tax CPA/Partner MJS, PA
Dawn Newton
Afissio advisor & Tech Entrepreneur/
Co-Founder Netki

What they are saying about us

“The Afissio team has helped us with multiple rounds of fundraising, including extensive cap table modeling. They also helped us with plenty of commercial agreements and structuring various strategic relationships - we will not do a deal with out them.”

Michal P. – Founder
Enterprise Software Developer

“Our organization had some big ideas for multi-dimensional market expansion going into the year.  Afissio played a key role among the professionals we consulted to develop our plan, which included new corporate entities in multiple states with a variety of equity structures.  Afissio’s co-founders were patient and flexible through the process, helping us consider many options and alternatives.  They designed a legal and compliance strategy that aligned with our goals.”

Travis C. - Co-Founder
Digital Executive Coaching Platform

“We had been considering a crypto fund for some time but it wasn’t until we began working with Afissio that the idea really started to take shape.  They gave us all of the information to make the right decision about how to structure the offering, especially what not to do.  We have found Afissio to be a valuable partner as we confidently move into a new and dynamic space.”

Jason T. - General Partner
Crypto Venture Fund