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Afissio Law

A technology-oriented law firm providing support to founders, startups and early stage companies.

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Areas of Practice

Corporate Formation & Structure

Choice of legal entity and jurisdiction are critical for any business.  As the business grows, the type of entity many need to change, as well as registration and expansion into new markets, both in the US and abroad.  In addition, corporate structures should drive maximum tax, equity and risk benefits if possible, especially if investors are involved.

Commercial & Business Agreements

Afissio Law clients enter into a wide variety of commercial and business agreements, including with landlords, strategic partners, customers, vendors, suppliers and government entities.  Each of these agreements should be strategically drafted and properly timed for optimal effect.

Customer Terms of Use & Privacy Policies

Many Afissio Law clients offer services or products to the public.  Customers must be clear on what they are getting, how they can use the client’s platform, if that’s part of the offering, and the relevant privacy policies that keep their personal information secure.

Corporate Governance

Most Afissio Law clients take internal corporate action on a regular basis, including approving stock issuances, option grants, hiring c-level execs, and making changes to certificates and bylaws. These actions generally require board resolutions that Afissiol Law keeps up to date.

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you are actively looking to acquire other companies or are being approached by potential suitors yourself, we can help in the analysis, planning and execution of corporate mergers and acquisitions. Afissio Law is a strategic partner you can count on to get your deals closed successfully.

Legal Liability & Risk

Any issue being studied by Afissio Law will necessarily involve an assessment of legal risk.  We approach the business holistically, looking at all its parts to make sure we understand the implications of any solution.  Often the most effective solutions are the simplest and most elegant.